Solar-Log Monitoring

Solar-Log is the ideal combination of a monitoring device and an evaluation platform. It can be used for any plant size, and is suitable for private and industrial use.

How to keep an eye on your system?

To keep everything under control and to make sure that you as user have access to all the needed information, Solar-Log has WEB features that enables you to log on to your sight from anywhere in the world via Internet. This WEB feature also has various presentation options and shows you all the plant yields, error messages and configuration data which is captured from your Solar-Log system and sent to their servers.

Solar-Log Hardware

Hardware components offered by Solar-Log

  • Solar-Log 300: The Solar-Log 300 can be installed in plants, regardless of the number of inverters used from the same manufacturer. Maximum plant size: 15kWp.
  • Solar-Log 1200: The Solar-Log 1200 is compatible with all current inverters and can be connected to several inverters from two different manufacturers. Maximum plant size: 100kWp.
  • Solar-Log 2000: The Solar-Log 2000 is made for large plants which can be connected to 100 Inverters. With the Solar-Log 2000 technology, it is also possible to connect up to 10 Solar-Log 2000’s on one plant which will make the size of the plant which it monitors expand a great deal. Maximum plant size: 2000kWp.

Solar-Log Accessories

A number of accessories are available for the Solar-Log 300, 1200 and 2000 to offer extra protection, new functions and / or improved performance. These accessories include the following:

  • Visualisation
  • Power Meter
  • Data Transfers
  • Power Management
  • Solar-Log Smart Energy
  • String Monitoring
  • Sensors
  • Device Protection

Solar-Log Web

Solar-Log Web has two different editions which cater either for plant owners or for Commercial users.

Solar-Log Web for plant owners

Solar-Log Web has two different versions, which are tailored to your specific needs. They consist of the following:

Solar-Log WEB: This can be used to monitor your plant by an installer of your choice.
The Solar-Log Web sends all of its data as well as information directly to the installer. This enables the installer to react immediately by remotely taking care if the problem, or taking care of it by making a service call. This enables you to have peace of mind by knowing that your plant is taken care of around the clock. You as owner will also have access to your plant’s information at all times.

Solar-Log WEB Classic Second Edition: This second edition is used when you as owner would like to monitor your plant yourself.
This version offers the owner all the basic function of plant monitoring. There are different display options, analysing options and methods to evaluate your plant’s performance independently.

Solar-Log Web Commercial Edition

The Solar-Log Commercial Edition has specifically been developed for installers, Portal operators and service providers. The owner can then set up a service contract with these professionals to monitor this plant remotely. This will be the safest and simplest option for any plant owner seeing the installation and monitoring will be done professionally and the monitoring will be handled properly.

What is Professional Remote Maintenance?

This enables the installer to react to any error messages or problems immediately, without having to leave the office. This also gives the installer access to all information and configuration settings of the plant. This will ensure that the necessary steps, settings and service calls can be made as soon as the messages comes through.

Custom Designed monitoring system

Being able to customize the design of each plant’s platform is a huge service benefit for installers. The installer will be able to customize each platform to its specific needs, by integrating various function modules and colours by the touch of a button.


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