New Generation NexSys Batteries

Faster Charging with Even More Power and Performance

The new NexSys™ range of high-performance motive power batteries delivers significant operational benefits and lifetime cost savings compared with traditional flooded and gel battery alternatives. The NexSys batteries are available in Standard and Fast charging configurations to support a wider range of applications than previous models. They are suitable for an extensive range of vehicles including lift trucks, order pickers, pallet trucks, AGV/LGVs and cleaning machines.

The NexSys batteries are manufactured using TPPL technology, widely recognised as the most advanced lead based technology on the market and perfected by EnerSys to deliver the highest possible performance and reliability. They are the only valve-regulated lead-acid design to provide an equivalent or higher ampere-hour capacity than traditional flooded batteries. NexSys batteries also deliver more usable power (watt-hours).

The first-generation TPPL batteries – the Hawker® XFC™ range – introduced in 2007, provided an excellent alternative in terms of cost, performance and flexibility to new and emerging alternatives such as Lithium-Ion without many of the limitations. Recent enhancements in battery and charger technology mean that the new-generation NexSys batteries have longer life cycle expectancy, are virtually maintenance free, and can be charged at a standard rate of six hours or fast charged in less than four hours (depending on charger rating).

Advanced new charging profiles developed by EnerSys allow NexSys batteries to be used with smaller charger models from the EnerSys modular range to support a greater variety of application profiles and machine types.

The batteries are available in a range of industry-standard sizes so that OEMs can incorporate them easily into their existing designs. The cell boxes are highly resistant to shock and vibration to enhance ruggedness and reliability. The batteries require no topping which makes them virtually maintenance-free.

EnerSys has announced that NexSys batteries will replace the existing XFC battery ranges. Advances in manufacturing processes coupled with the projected life expectancy and predicted reliability ensure that the new range is competitively priced against traditional and alternative designs.

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