Canadian Solar KU Modules

Canadian Solar Ku Module

Ku Modules

Canadian Solar has developed an innovative cool module design, Ku Modules, based on Low Internal Current (LIC) module technology – the next generation of

module technology.

The new Ku Modules portfolio is available in both poly- and monocrystalline. The Ku module portfolio consists of the following types: KuMax (144 cells), KuPower

(120 cells), KuBlack (120 cells) and the corresponding double-glass KuDymond.

Available Q1 2018



Ku Max CS3U-P

KuPower CS3K-P

KuPower CS3K-MS

KuBlack CS3K-MS

KuDymond CS3U-P-FG
KuDymond CS3U-MS-FG

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