Conext SmartGen Power System NA

The Conext SmartGen Power System is a medium voltage power conversion substation delivering up to 4MVA of solar power. It features two Conext SmartGen inverters, medium voltage transformers and protection equipment. Cloud-connection and analytics enable remote diagnostics and servicing, as well as predictive maintenance.


Why choose Conext SmartGen Power System NA

More power generation and a longer service life

  • 30+ year service life
  • More energy to the grid: conversion efficiency of 98.6% Peak, 98.4% CEC
  • Maximum power in all temperature and irradiance conditions
  • Superior reliability for reduced downtime


  • 1500VDC system: fewer inverter stations, less equipment and less wiring
  • High power density and integrated design for lower cost-per-watt
  • Weatherproof enclosure: no external housing required
  • “Self-commissioning” and “Grid-simulation” features for faster, easier setup

Lower OPEX

  • True Design for Service—for faster, easier repairs
  • Minimum 15 years before the first (and only) major service
  • Predictive maintenance analytics for just-enough maintenance, in response to your site’s actual conditions
  • Cloud connectivity for fewer, shorter and more successful service calls: remote diagnostics, proactive service notifications, remote firmware downloads and more

Deploy Everywhere

  • All countries, all codes, all standards (future-proofed with generous margins)
  • Any application—PV and energy storage, on-grid, off-grid or microgrid
  • Designed and tested for any environment—hot, cold, dusty, humid or salty


  • Backed by a bankable company with 180 years of history
  • Supported by a global team, with service personnel and parts depots in every major region
  • Long-term service plans to minimize your risk

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